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July 2015

Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Train Crash

My friend AFOL Man has posted a funny video of a train crash at a railroad crossing involving the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine and the Horizon Express at a railroad crossing. Also involved was a bystander with a selfie stick. Check it out!

Blue Track TOMY Thomas the Tank Engine

I have been looking all over for our videos and pics from years ago when we went to Thomas Big Day Out. Have yet to find it, but I have been finding other goodies like these pics from our old Thomas the Tank Engine Collection. Blue Track Tomy Trains!Thomas 016

Thomas 017

Thomas 020

Thomas 021

Thomas 022

Thomas 023

Thomas 024

Thomas 025

Percy Wooden Toy Train Collection

Showing all of our collection of wooden train Percy the Small Engine. Most came from Leokimvideo. Love the sound effects as well as the motorized unit. The motorized Percy does not perform well on the tight curves. But this stuff is a lot of fun. I can see why kids would like it!

Bachmann Sound Value Fail and A-Team Train

A-Team train is working fine despite be 30 years old. We will be applying the stickers and combining it with the A-Team Slot Cars.

The Bachmann Sound Value locomotive was missing parts. The store I bought it from (Bargain Hunt) said I could contact the manufacture and they would send the replacement parts or a new item. I didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle. If it had been a road name that I really like I might have done that.

Big Big Loader Tomy Thomas Train Sets

These sets are so much fun to watch. I was working a way to combine not just THomas Big Loader and Thomas Big Big Loader, but also the Mail Delivery Big Loader. I know how to attach it, I just to get the right transition tracks. Will look for some on eBay. The we will make Thomas’ Big Big Big Big Loader and Mail Delivery!

My First TrainTsarFun Giveaway not much interest

So as usual, I start out with small items on my giveaways. I know that probably does not attract as many people to the giveaway, but it is still disappointing. Free is free. Only 7 people have entered the giveaway. The concern I have is if I do something bigger, there will still not be much participation. This is why some of us just end up giving stuff or trading to people we already know well. The Leokimvideo giveaway that I won was an awesome prize and yet even he did not get much participation despite have over 600k subscribers and 100k views on the giveaway.

If you have any ideas of how I may present these better in order to get more participation please let me know. I do not know if anybody is actually reading this, which might be another problem Oh well, i got to start somewhere.

Ultimate Percy Collection from Leokimvideo

I won this most awesome assortment of Percy the Small Engine items from Lrokimvideo on YouTube. To enter you needed to submit a video featuring at least 5 actual Percy models from your collection and be highly engaged in Leo’s channel. I love this collection but I also love what I learned from watching Leo’s videos. Initially I had only watched the videos that per!ained to his copyright strike from LEGO, then the problem he had with YouTube on options and control of his account. He has a very engaging personality and some funny things are bound to happen.

Very pleased with the super lot. More videos coming

Lionel O Scale Thomas Trains

Have had problems with both of my Liionel Thomas the Tank Engine sets. Have to use standard batteries and not rechargeable in the remote and one remote doesn’t work at all. Upon doing research it appears that there is a manufacturing defect with the remotes. Ththat itey tend to have a continuity problem between the batteries and the brains of the remote. I’m about to test it out in a 3rd that ┬ápicked up at Bargsin Hunt. It appears that it is a returned item and I’m guessing it was returned because it did not work. I even. I actually forgot about a 3rd one that I exchanged at Tuesday Morning. I guy at the store opened I fresh pack of batteries to test it and sure enough he pile not get it to work either!

So we will try it again!

Haul Format on TrainTsarFun Youtube

Initially, I intended to do more hauls in this format. I feel though that this would be a little boring for my core audience. So, lately, my hauls have gone on my original channel (root name: jolson37 “BrickTsar Toys”). Now hauls are pretty much box openings then play with the item. Most of my purchase come from eBay or Amazon as far as the train related items.

O-27 Iron Arry & Iron Bert (2)

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