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November 2016

LEGO Trains

James Launcher – Thomas Minis

This James the Red Engine Mini that comes with his launcher is a really neat looking one! Love the flame orange translucent color. The minis launchers are very fun to play with. I am always sad that these videos consistently prove to be among my least viewed and worst performers (only exception is the real train videos).  The toy is fun to play with and I think must be overlooked by many. Hope these videos catch on one day.


Thomas Magic Tracks App – Kids Train Set

We have been doing gameplay on the App Thomas Magical Tracks Kids Train Set by Budge Studios. Started with the Free Version the upgraded to the full version which is $14.99. Not a sponsored series. We paid for it.


Diesel 10 Collection

We finally have done our Diesel 10 Collection from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. With Thomas Minis, WindUp, Trackmaster, Tomy, Thomas Wooden Railway, and more.

Thomas and Friends Minis 30 pack with Insects Exclusives



From Walmart (through Fisher we have the new 30 pack which will be in Walmart stores this season. Has 3 exclusive minis including Porter as a Praying Mantis, Hiro as a Beetle, and A Troublesome trucks as a fly!. Some of the really cool characters from the series as well. Also, what do you think of us doing something similar to #fanfriday that the official Thomas and Friends channel does. They featured one of our videos in a playlist and I thought it would be cool to feature some of you guys and girls as well. Here is their playlist:

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Edward the Blue Engine Thomas & Friends

Got the Hornby Edward and compare it to the Bachmann Trains version

LEGO Train 7710 Passenger Steam Train Speed Build

Giveaway Winner: SDCC Superfriends DC Thomas Minis

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Might liven up my alternate goof off channel: BrickTsar Fun

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