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November 2016

Thanks to fans that make playlists!


Thanks to Ashton Eastwood who made a playlist of favorite videos. I appreciate it when people share my videos, leave comments, and rate the videos. And especially when they watch! Thanks!

Oliver Thomas & Friends Update

No Bachmann Oliver is NOT out, but maybe getting closer. Here are the Oliver’s I have so far – 2 Thomas Wooden Railway, 1 Take-N-Play, 1 Hornby. It is puny I know. So we open a couple of more Bachmann items in this video: the water tower and Jeremy the Airplane!

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We hope kids and adults all over the world kind enjoy our videos. While I do speak English, most videos have scenes of trains and toys without talking. So in any language you can enjoy toys and trains here. Toys are called: игрушка, juguete, brinquedo, 玩具, juguete, Spielzeug, leksak, لُعْبَة, 玩具, igračka, hračka, legetøj, speeltje, lelu, jouet, Spielzeug, giocattolo, おもちゃ, 장난감, leke, zabawka.

Combing LEGO DUPLO and Thomas Wooden Railway

I do not know if anybody else is doing this but I found these custom crossings on eBay that allow LEGO DUPLO trains to cross Thomas Wooden Railway trains. It is actually a lot of fun!

Chuggington Has Been Cancelled

So all the Chuggington Chuggers are being deeply discounted at Toys R Us. The line of toys has been canceled.

Whiff’s Messy Day

one of my favorite charters from Thomas &  Friends is Whiff. Mainly because I use to work with garbage, I wear glasses, and I’m messy.


Here is a Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends MEGA Bloks video. Enjoy!



Ho Scale Trains – Thomas & More

This time of year my channels are usually on the upswing. Thanks to YouTube’s recent algorithm change, all of my channel’s have plummeted. Just when you think you have YouTube figured out they pull the rug out from under you. I do not understand why they promote certain channels but kill others with similar content. I am sick of people that post pictures of products getting promoted over people that do reviews of actual items. I know about doing longer content and hitting trending items. It is crazy what they promote. They apparently LOVE it when people destroy stuff including their own silver and gold play buttons.

I guess if you want to succeed at YouTube you need to make garbage and make a lot of it.

Nobody reads this BLOG so I am just venting to myself.

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