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August 2016

Fisher Price Toy Haul

Got the new SpongeBob SquarePants Thomas Minis and new DC Super Friends Thomas Minis. Also light up Percy Take N Play that looks pretty cool. Finally got the new Talking James and Talking Diesel from the Great Race.

Percy Mail Train – N Scale

This N Scale Train by Tomix is one of my favorites! Percy comes with 4 facial expressions that you can change out (and put on upside down if you want!) and looks great! Comes with a Sodor Mail red wagon. Got this on eBay and was in excellent condition! Look forward to doing a Percy the Small Engine collection update!

Thanks for 20,000 subs on Train Tsar Fun

Star Trek, Star Wars, or Thomas

We got another Bradford Exchange item – Star Trek 5oth anniversary locomotive. Yes, I know I should not be buying from Bradford Exchange, But we love Star Trek. We race it against the Star Wars locomotive and Thomas & Percy.

Thomas & Friends Vs Beetle

Found a giant rhino beetle in ground at Dollar General. Brought him home to film a few scenes that let him go. Somebody would have stepped on him had we not saved him



The EPIC battle between Thomas the Tank Engine and Legendary Master Yoda from Star Wars. Need we say more?

LEGO ELECTRONIC TRAIN – Set 118 from 1968

This is one of my favorite LEGO sets. It is rare and hard to find in working condition and it is very old like me! From 1968, it uses a mic (actually brick with built in microphone) and a electronic circuit brick (clear so you can see the circuit). It connects to the motor and battery pack (common for that time) and then you can start and stop the train by blowing on the whistle! We tried the Thomas whistle but it is not high pitched enough (will upset dogs with the LEGO whistle)!

What I do For Fun #sssveda August 8 2016

So over on BrickTsar Toys I am trying to do a video each day – usually vlog or something related to comics. But this topic I had to do a great love of mine – trains and slot cars! Check it out:

Murdoch vs Gordon

Viewer suggested that I crash my Honrby Murdoch into my Bachmann Gordon. This is what we did:

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