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LEGO Trains

Toy Train Compilation

Compilation of a lot of train action for the last few weeks


Awesome LEGO Trains of PennLUG 2018


Scenes from Phill Brick Fest 2018 LEGO convention and fan event. Thanks to PennLUG and Brickmodelrailroader

Philly Brick Fest 2017 LEGO TRAINS

LEGO 12 V Trains


TGV Train Collection

In this video we feature our TGV collection. The High Speed French Passenger train in orange is one of our favorites. We have now the Bachmann N Scale version to go along with the HO Scale, Tomy Trackmaster, and LEGO versions. And of course we have the gratuitous Thomas the Tank Engine, Annie, and Clarabel appearance.

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‘One of the all time fan favorites. Sadly, LEGO only made 3 monorail sets (plus 2 track packs). Fans have long wanted to be able to add more monorail trains. These are hard to come by, well – expensive to come by, nowadays. This one is one of our favorites. We should have bought more when they were in the stores. Actually, it was a bit expensive for the time, which is perhaps why it was not a good seller back then.


LEGO Trains

LEGO Train 7710 Passenger Steam Train Speed Build

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