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May 2017

LADY – Thomas and Friends Collection

More Ertl Thomas Trains

Testing Racing Layout – Various Bachmann and Hornby Thomas and Friends


Trying to make a new MUCH larger track layout to host another Great Race in which we will race all our HO Scale Bachmann Thomas and Friends locomotives as well as Hornby OO Scale. We might throw in some Chuggington and other locomotives as well

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Fidget Spinner – the Fad of 2017

So it appears that the fidget spinner is the new fad. When we were in Pennsylvania in April at the Nicholas Train shop, my son wanted a fidget spinner they had for sale there. I was like “what is this?” Next thing I know everybody is doing videos on fidget spinners. Another trendy toy or item like the slap bracelet, rubik’s cube. Will the trend last?

A Fidget Spinner and Mr. Spock on a train – with Thomas the Tank Engine. The fidget spinner was borrowed from TheyMightBeBricks. The trains are Bachmann trains – the Star Trek train and Thomas. The Flat cars are from Chuggington. The train layout is HO Scale and 4×8 feet wide. The trains are controlled with block controlled wiring – the sections of track are individually borrowed and controlled by switches.

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Coaster Dynamix Cyclone Roller Coaster

It’s a haul! And an EPIC haul! What have we been wanting? I good quality brick built roller coaster! That’s what! Thanks to Coaster Dynamix – CDX Blocks -we have a brick or block built Cyclone Roller Coaster to test out and show. In this video we unbox it to look at the contents. The next video will be us showing the completed model and testing it out. Keep in mind that this is not the final product, but a test sample. The final products for those that ordered on the Kick Starter should be shipping around June 2017. This is compatible with leading brands like LEGO and MEGA Bloks. We will test that out as well. Other Coaster Dynamix products we have reviewed over on BrickTsar Toys:



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Douglas and Donald Collection

Our Thomas & Friends Collection of Donald & Douglas. Includes HO Scale Bachmann Trains, Trackmaster, Tomy Takara ARTS capsule Donald and Douglas, and an ERTL.

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We hope kids and adults all over the world kind enjoy our videos. While I do speak English, most videos have scenes of trains and toys without talking. So in any language you can enjoy toys and trains here.

More Narrow Gauge Trains

Thomas and Friends New Narrow Gauge Slate Wagons by Bachmann Trains. HO scale narrow gauge trains run on N Scale track. The slate wagons are each different – one with no number, one numbered #101, and one numbered #164. Purchased from See earlier videos for our Skarloey and Narrow Gauge wagons.
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Tomy is better than Track Master

What do you prefer? Track Master or Tomy? I prefer Tomy. With each purchase of the Tomy Plarail versions of Thomas the Tank Engine (and other themes), I find the Tomy to be superior. Almost would rather get Tomy exclusively but i always have to buy it from Asia.


Trouble with the Tenders

A fan request and plus my own personal Star Trek reference

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