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April 2016

Mario vs Yoda

Playmobil RC Train

My first ever Playmobil purchase. Actually this is a well made toy! Is G Scale and works on G Scale Bachmann track. We were able to connect the troublesome trucks from Thomas & Friends to it although the couplers are at a different height. Could possibly be modified.




Big Loaders

We got out the Big Loaders again. We built all of them. Coming soon – we combine all 3 Thomas Big Loaders. I don’t think I have seen anybody do that before.

Batman vs Joker

Lionel train set (not the electric track version). In the style of Geotrax (a Fisher Price product), but not completely compatible. We tested it out in this video.


Giant PERCY Collection – Thomas & Friends

This is our collection of Percy the Small Engine. Later realized I left a couple out but we can always to another collection video later. Need to get it up to 100 Percy!

Motorized MEGA Bloks Thomas



Postman Pat!

I am learning now about Postman Pat! Always loved the cameo in Mr Bean episode “Mind the Baby” and actually I only recently learned the Royal Mail Car in that was based off of the show. Had to get this set as it also had the train

Hiro – Motorized Thomas Wooden Railway

I am starting to see why people love the wooden railway series for Thomas & Friends. While the motorized versions are VERY slow, the whole system is still easy to use and fun. Great for kids of all ages. Biggest drawback is the expense. The motorized units are around $35. But with careful searching on Amazon, eBay, and waiting for sales at Toys R Us, deals can be found.

Thomas Wooden Railway on Amazon.

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