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July 2016


Got the brand new exclusive from San Diego Comic Con – Super Friends Minis with Diesel as Batman and Thomas as Superman. Tilt the box from side to side and the minis change from their alter egos to the other. Clark Kent to Superman, and Bruce Wayne to Batman. The minis on the left show them in change mode. Love the prints on these especially the Superman. A little hard to see in the box though.

2015 DC Super Friends Thomas MinisDC

It is a year late but we finally got the DC Super Friends Thomas & Friends Minis Fisher Price exclusive set from San Diego Comic Con. Diesel as Batman, Thomas as Superman, Mille as Harley Quinn, Diesel 10 as The Joker, and Spencer as Cyborg. Comes in a light up case with a nice box with comic art.

James The Red Engine Collection

Collection videos have quickly come to be one of my favorites to do. It actually takes a long time to get out everything and set it up, plus I have to deal with the cat, but in the end I like the results. So far with our Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends characters we have done Annie & Clarabel (which needs to be updated), Percy the Small Engine, Emily, Gordon the Big Engine, Connor, James the Red Engine, Henry the Green Engine, and I am sure I am forgetting something. What characters will be next? Why haven’t I done the Thomas collection yet?

Sky High Bridge Jump Best TrackMaster Set Ever?

This set has been a lot of fun and we are going to do more with it. We have built a lot of the Fisher Price Track Master (2) Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends sets, but this has been our favorite! I know train jumps and elevators and steep inclines are ridiculous, but it is Thomas who is a talking train! So who cares? It is great fun!

We have already used the A-Team in some of our videos with this. But the one TV show that we plan to adapt using this is the Dukes of Hazzard. What better than a show with ridiculous car jumps?

LEGO Giveaway over on BrickTsar

BrickTsar Thanks for 37000 Subs LEGO Giveaway

1992 TOMY TRAIN Thomas & Friends

Found a great set from 1992 – Tomy Train Thomas and Friends set. Classic dark blue track era from Tomy. Traction tires don’t work too good after 23 years. But very happy to find this set with the original box and manuals! Going to be doing more with this. Also had some extra accessory packs with original boxes!

Gordon The Big Engine Collection

A look at my Gordon The Big Blue Engine Collection. All the different Gordon locomotives that we have in our train collection. More Thomas & Friends collection videos are coming!

Let’s GO Thomas

Another Thomas & Friends goodie that I 1st saw on Leokimvideo’s channel. The Let’s Go Thomas is an interactive talking train engine that is sometimes a little creepy. Eyes and mouth move. It can follow you and react to your voice.

N Scale Henry The Green Engine

Love the Tomix Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends N Scale Henry the Green Engine we just got. It was made back in 2006. Found on eBay at a decent price. Is in excellent condition and good details for such a small locomotive:

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