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December 2015

My layout in 2008

This is how my 4×8 HO scale layout looked when I posted this on YouTube April 18, 2008. Need to finally finish this. I’m thinking of doing some lives treats from the layout with trains running and play. But I want to get the scenery finished. Might do some videos of that as well



Finally found the Batman & Wonder Woman Minis at Walmart in a Mini 4 pack. These are my 2 favorite minis.

SKARLOEY – NEW!! Bachmann Narrow Gauge Locomotive

The NEW Skarloey Bachmann HO Scale Narrow Gauge (runs on N gauge track) has arrived finally! We just got this December 21, 2015. More videos coming with more details. We hope to get the box vans and open wagon as well. The retail prices are a bit ridiculous. Skarloey is $150 and the cars are $50 each! We found Skarloey on Amazon for $100



THOMAS MINIS #19 to 37


We are still looking for the rest of the DC Super Friends minis. Nobody in our area has anything beyond #1-60 plus the expansion or multi packs. We will keep looking

Spider-Man Bachmann Train



Found this for a pretty good deal on eBay. Has an F7A & B Locomotive with 3 box cars and 6 passenger cars. Not sure why Spider-Man is hauling around is arch-enemies?

RED vs BLUE New Track Master Train Set

The latest track master set with special design. Plus we show some of the rest of our collection including model trains!

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Attack of the Clone Annie & Clarabel

Must look closer at auctions on eBay. These are knock off dark side clone trains. The magnets are wrong and Clarabel must face the wrong direction. From China



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