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September 2015

Prelude to the Great Race

We have all of the Thomas & Friends characters now (although there is another Thomas) and would like to race them. So we will work on the match-ups. Please comment on the video if there are any match-ups you would like to see. I am thinking of using a 20 team single elimination bracket like this:

.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.44.37 AM

James vs Thomas

Now that we have 20 Thomas & Friends HO Scale model train locomotives – we can do all sorts of races! In this video we race James the Red Engine with the Red Coaches vs Thomas the Tank Engine with Annie & Claribel. We the race starts – James is in the lead but as the laps go on Thomas makes a move. Ends in a crash of course. While I do not to try to avoid crashing my trains so the don’t break, it is hard to not to do it sometimes.

Who would you like to see race? Leave a comment on the video and I will see who we can race in upcoming videos. We are thinking of adding more LEGO creations around the race track to liven things up. Thanks for watching! And if you read this – please leave a comment here.

Donald & Douglas complete our Bachmann Locomotive Roster

We now have all the Bachmann Thomas & Friends Characters. I do not know if I can name them all from memory because there are so many! Doanld & Douglas the Scottish twins were are last two to add and they are great! Beautiful looking steamies.

Now we have Thomas, Light & Sound Thomas, Edward, James, Percy, Toby, Mavis, Diesel, Ben, Bill, ‘Arry, Bert, Gordon, Henry, Spencer, Emily, Salty, Duck, Donald, and Douglas! Did I leave anybody out? There are some new ones coming soon.

We still need to get some more of the rolling stick and are considering whether or not to get some more of the Hornby models. I have not been as impressed with the Hornby quality and the locomotives, plus they are much more expensive for me to acquire. What do you think – should we try some more of the Hornby?

Hornby Tank Cars Added!

Getting some more Hornby models. It is very difficult for me to find these at a reasonable price here in the USA. Actually found these on Amazon. Hoping to get some more passenger coaches, but so far the best prices I can find are close to $35 per car. Overseas shipping is the main problem. But nice to get some variety from Hornby to go with the Bachmann HO scale freight & passenger cars we have.

We have been busy – Loving this Bachmann EZ track – 4 way crossing

Been wanting to do this for a while. Love this crossing with the double mainlines intersecting. Perfect for accidents! Lol.

Take N Play Sodor Paint Shop and Steamworks Repair Shed

This began as a review of the Sodor Paint Shop and Steamworks Repair Shed from Fisher Price (Take N Play). Put when we realized we needed more track to effectively combine the two, we ended up with the Bridge Pack. Which naturally led to the Shark Exhibit. By the end Yoda was in the mix. But I decided to save the bulk of Yoda’s scenes for the next video!

Twins are hard to tell apart

Got Iron ‘Arry today and I did not realize how similar the Bachmann versions of ‘Arry and Bert were going to look. The Lionel versions are easier to tell apart. I actually lost track of which one was which and I had to watch a previous video to find out. The Iron Bert has some “battle damage” so I can spot him now.

Brand New Bachmann Red Brake Coach has arrived!

Today we received the beautiful new Bachmann Thomas & Friends Red Brake Coach. A lovely passenger car in the style of Annie & Claribel. Looks great running on the layout!

Yoda Destroys Sith Minions

I know it isn’t trains, but this video turned out better than I could hope and in one take! We are loving this animatronic Yoda and I will have to find a way to incorporate it into videos for Train Tsar Fun

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