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May 2016

Carrera Digital 132 Slot Car Race Party

In addition to trains and LEGO, we love slot cars. I won’t to try to figure out how to make a train crossing for G Scale and Carrera 132 slot cars. I think that would be awesome!

Cranky The Crane Finally Arrives!

We just got the HO Scale Cranky the Crane. Made by Bachmann Trains. This is my affiliate link to buy Cranky the Crane on Amazon:


My Brick View Video – Favorite LEGO Clone Piece

Submitted this on BrickTsar.

More DUPLO Thomas and Friends

We were still looking for Toby the Tram Engine so I filmed this in the meantime. Since uploading this I did find Toby so now we will be able to do the Complete Thomas & Friends LEGO Collection!


This is one of the harder to find LEGO DUPLO sets. It is set number 3354 Gordon’s Express. Contains only Gordon and 1 Express Coach. I have 2 copies of the set so I could get an extra coach.

Complete LEGO DUPLO Thomas

Hoping to redo this real soon with more details. And CRASHES!


In the video we show the new Streamlined Emily (her dream in Start Your Engines) as well as a regular Emily from Fisher Price Thomas Wooden Railway. Use the Steam Push Train to help Emily(s) around the track plus show our other Emily Models. Bachmann HO Scale is still my favorite.

Epic LEGO Train Crash

My son did this for his channel TheyMightBeBricks:

Power Converter for Euopean to North America

If you are trying to run trains that you got from other countries, here is the link to the one I have (it is my affiliate link)

Goldsource STU-500 Step Up and Down Voltage Converter Transformer, AC 110/220 V, 500 Watt

It converts different voltages and can step up or step down the voltage. So it works both ways.




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