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September 2016

Emily on the Go Thomas & Friends MEGA Bloks

We got a couple of new items. Emily on the Go from Mega Bloks set 10513. The set is a actually a few years old but we got it new in sealed box. Also most of the parts to the SOdor Fair. We will need to track down a few parts to finish that. We are working on adding more trains to our Thomas & Friends Emily collection.

Toy Train Thomas and Friends Haul

Got a wide range of Thomas Toys and a pretty good price on eBay and Amazon. Probably one of the best deals I have ever found on Thomas Wooden Railway plus a hard to find Emily Mega Bloks set and more…

Salty Thomas & Friends

A look at our collection of Salty from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Which is your favorite?

Thomas Track Master Shipwreck Rails

Got the Shipwreck Rails set cheap at Bargain Hunt. It was complete and a lot of fun. Also showed my 2010 Toy Fair 65th Anniversary Take N Play Thomas that we found on eBay

Track Master Thomas Ebay Haul

Picked up some used Track Master and Tomy Trains. Some working. Some broken. The collection grows. Got some new characters!

Toy Trail Haul

Take N Play, Thomas Minis, and Henry!

Thomas The Tank Engine Collection

Over 100 locomotives of Thomas from our Thomas & Friends collection. It has been a lot of fun collecting these. Which type of train is your favorite? I really like the “Let’s Go Thomas” interactive engine.

Talking Spencer Added

We added 2 talking Spencer locomotives – Take N Play and Thomas Wooden Railway. Also found some minis in my collection that we overlooked.Affiliate links:

Talking Take N Play on Amazon:
Talking Wooden Railway on Amazon:


We Need A Good Brick Built Roller Coaster

This MEGA Bloks Dora’s Roller Coaster Adventure – while good for child’s play, is not really what I have in mind for a brick built roller coaster. Looking forward to the new Coaster Dynamix Kickstarter. We will be a early supporter for that – stay tuned for more info!

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