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Trained as a Physicist - I have worked in telecommunications for the last 18 years as a problem solver and 911 tech. I love trains and LEGO and my YouTube Channels are Train Tsar Fun, BrickTsar, and BrickTsar Toys. Trains is a feature on all of those channels.

Thomas, Train, LEGO and Dinosaurs


Trackmaster Master of Tracks

An old train battle video

LEGO Dino’s vs Devious Diesel

DO NOT BUY! Thomas Slimy Cargo Minis!

This is a terrible product! I bought 2 ($8 each). One was missing a pack a slime which is okay because the slime is a horrible product for a child. Gets all over everything and hard to deal with. Do not buy this horrible product from Mattel!

Golden Bear Thomas & Friends Collection

Tumbling Loco Challenge

Trying to combine two tumbling Loco Sets

5 year anniversary video

Talking Golden Bear Whiff! Flip Face Thomas!

Kittens meet the trains

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