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LEGO ELECTRONIC TRAIN – Set 118 from 1968

This is one of my favorite LEGO sets. It is rare and hard to find in working condition and it is very old like me! From 1968, it uses a mic (actually brick with built in microphone) and a electronic circuit brick (clear so you can see the circuit). It connects to the motor and battery pack (common for that time) and then you can start and stop the train by blowing on the whistle! We tried the Thomas whistle but it is not high pitched enough (will upset dogs with the LEGO whistle)!


I have a request to do a collection video on our LEGO trains. Might take a while to do this one!

My Brick View Video – Favorite LEGO Clone Piece

Submitted this on BrickTsar.

More DUPLO Thomas and Friends

We were still looking for Toby the Tram Engine so I filmed this in the meantime. Since uploading this I did find Toby so now we will be able to do the Complete Thomas & Friends LEGO Collection!


This is one of the harder to find LEGO DUPLO sets. It is set number 3354 Gordon’s Express. Contains only Gordon and 1 Express Coach. I have 2 copies of the set so I could get an extra coach.

Complete LEGO DUPLO Thomas

Hoping to redo this real soon with more details. And CRASHES!

Epic LEGO Train Crash

My son did this for his channel TheyMightBeBricks:

LEGO Santa Fe Trains Running

Incredible PENNLUG LEGO Steam Trains

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