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Thomas the Tank Engine

Let’s Go! Thomas!

Golden Bear Murdoch Thomas & Friends

Golden Bear Murdoch, Daisy, Bertie, and Stanley

Murdoch Playlist:

Talking Golden Bear Whiff! Flip Face Thomas!

Iron Bert or Iron Arry Hornby Trains

Which is which? I cannot tell.

Thomas & Friends Minis Collection

NEW 2018 PAXTON and GRUMPY DIESEL Bachmann Trains HO Scale

New from Bachmann Trains for 2018, the HO Scale Thomas & Friends Paxton and Grumpy Diesel! Checkout our videos:

▶️Paxton On Amazon:
▶️Grumpy Diesel:
(Above or affiliate links)

Here is the livestrea, we did while recording the unboxing:

Henry and Gordon Pull The Express

Thomas and Friends Rare Coaches

Rare Bachmann Thomas Paint Drum Flat Car Found!

Thanks so much to Drakonikia who found this rare Thomas & Friends Bachmann Flat Car with Paint Drums Load – HO Scale from 2009. Found this on eBay for less than $7 plus shipping. I probably would not have known this was even an official Thomas item. We also show in this video Hornby Stepney with Ertl Caroline. Caroline was a gift from Sinkiller J Tachikawa. Looks great on the HO Scale layout I think.

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