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My First Train Set and Ride

Here is a trip down memory lane that I am sharing with you. I’ve always loved trains as early as I can remember. Thankfully, despite the challenges of raising 7 children, my parents made sure we had fun times and managed to record some in Super 8mm film. This video I show and talk about what I think is my first train set as well as talk about the Atlanta zoo train and the Savannah & Atlanta train ride.  This covers a few moments between 1969 and 1974. Hope you enjoy


Look in video for young Train Tsar Fun

Surprise from Trainworld!

Thanks to Trainworld for sending us the new App Controlled Thomas the Tank Engine Lionel Lionchief set!

Iron Bert or Iron Arry Hornby Trains

Which is which? I cannot tell.

DC Comics Late Night Train Run

First ride on Steam Train

Ftom the early 1970s. Savannah and Atlanta #750 train ride

Research Train

Norfolk Southern Research Train passing through Douglasville Ga July 31, 2018

Stepney Oliver and Viewer Mail

James and The Troublesome ICE Train



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