Train Tsar Fun

Real trains. Model trains. Toy trains.

Golden Bear Murdoch Thomas & Friends

Golden Bear Murdoch, Daisy, Bertie, and Stanley

Murdoch Playlist:

Silver Play Button Unboxing

Train Tsar Fun has reached 100k recently and now we have the coveted Silver Play Button! #youtubecreatorrewards

Thomas, Train, LEGO and Dinosaurs

Trackmaster Master of Tracks

An old train battle video

LEGO Dino’s vs Devious Diesel

DO NOT BUY! Thomas Slimy Cargo Minis!

This is a terrible product! I bought 2 ($8 each). One was missing a pack a slime which is okay because the slime is a horrible product for a child. Gets all over everything and hard to deal with. Do not buy this horrible product from Mattel!

Golden Bear Thomas & Friends Collection

Tumbling Loco Challenge

Trying to combine two tumbling Loco Sets

5 year anniversary video

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