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You Pick The Race – Thomas HO Scale Bachmann Races

LEGO Moon Landing Sets

In honor of 48th anniversary of first moon landing and walk, July 20, 1969. A look at our Lunar Lander and Apollo Saturn V LEGO collection. We have 5 versions of the Lunar Lander. These are from 5 sets (plus we also show a pitiful Nanoblocks Set):
21309 LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V from 2017
10029 Lunar Lander from 2003
7468 Saturn V Moon Mission from 2003
9335 LEGO Education Space & Airport Set from 2010

Murdoch Thomas and Friends Collection


In this video we show you all our versions of Murdoch from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. We have Hornby Murdoch, Take N Play (or is it Take Along), Capsule Thomas, Thomas Wooden Railway (we needed the tender), and and Tomy Murdoch. WHich is your favorite?

After filming the the collection part of the video I got out the school bus (not really a school bus) and had it chase Murdoch on the HO Scale Track.

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Lightning McQueen Train Challenge

Spencer Collection Update

Percy and S.C. Ruffey Thomas and Friends N Scale

Thomas Minis 2017 Wave 3

Bachmann Oliver Giveaway Starting with Next video

Thomas Races a Slug

Thomas vs Slug – World’s Slowest Race – Surprise Ending. In the mostvexciting race between two things that should never race – – a wooden train toy and a large Bavarian Slug. Surprise ending as rage takes a much unexpected turn! Yes this is just for fun!

We were taking a hike in the Bavarian Alps near Berchtesgaden Germany and the rain had drawn out more slugs than usual. We decided not to walk any further as it was hard to take steps without getting a slug squashed 🤢

Royalty Free Music “Also Sprach Zarathustra” by Kevin MacLeod

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