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My Complete Collection of Hornby and Bachmann Thomas Trains

We have been asked to show all our HO Scale Thomas and Friends stuff so here they are! We have most of the Bachmann stuff from the last few years. Working on getting even more characters.

Star Wars Glow In Th Dark Train


This Bachmann Train Set is actually Glow in the Dark! Purchased through Bradford Exchange (an over priced retailer if ever there was).



Finally the freight cars for Skarloey to pull. A blue box van, red box van, and open wagon. Very tiny! They are technically HO Scale (HOn3 I think) as they are NARROW Gauge – so they run on N Gauge track.



This is a brand new Thomas! He has metallic blue paint and decorative scheme. A beautiful and FAST locomotive. We may have to do another Great Train Race!

HO, O, G Scale Comparison of Thomas, Annie, & Claribel

Now looking for N Scale version of Thomas with Annie & Claribel as well as TrackMaster and any other motorized versions.

Thomas won! But…

So Thomas has won this round of the Great Race and is champion – for now. I honestly thing both Gordon and Henry are the real fastest. I did not realize it until later but the transformers made by Bachmann are acting very inconsistent. Sometimes the engines would not even move! I am going to make a more reliable and fair course. But who wouldn’t be happy that Thomas won!

The Great Race Down to the Final 2!

I did not address it in the video, but we have run into a problem electrically with the Great Race. Gordon and Thomas will be the final 2, but in reality, Henry should have beat Thomas. After experimenting a bit after the race, I found that I had a defective outlet on my power strip. This in turn affected the transformers. So now some do not perform the same even when moved to a good outlet. In fact, at one point it would not even move a locomotive and then would shut off – like there is some kind of short. I did another test and Henry blew past Thomas, but if I switched it, I could get Thomas to beat Henry. The first several races were fine – it only start in Round 3.

I do not think I will address this on YouTube because it might bore the kids. But if anybody thinks I should please let me know. Thanks.

Chuggington Brewster’s Cargo Caper Freight Train Set

Got another Chuggington Bachmann HO Scale set. They did not make very many Chuggington train sets. We only need a couple of more to have them all. I wish they made an Emery set or more than just the one passenger car (which is one of the two we do not have). These Bachmann locomotives are faster than the THomas & Friends Engines. They are very simple and seem to be able to withstand play from children a little better than traditional model trains. Not a lot of small parts to break off. Enjoyed adding these to the collection!

Great Race Round 2 is Over – On to the Round 3

We have finished round 2. Getting ready for Round 3 – 8 locomotives left – Douglas, Duck, Bill, Ben, Henry, Thomas, Percy, & Gordon.

The next round should be closer races. We will try to include trackside interviews and color commentary. Maybe some trash talk? We will see

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