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Big Loader

New 2018 Tomy Thomas Big Loader

Big Loaders

We got out the Big Loaders again. We built all of them. Coming soon – we combine all 3 Thomas Big Loaders. I don’t think I have seen anybody do that before.

Prelude to the Great Race

We have all of the Thomas & Friends characters now (although there is another Thomas) and would like to race them. So we will work on the match-ups. Please comment on the video if there are any match-ups you would like to see. I am thinking of using a 20 team single elimination bracket like this:

.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.44.37 AM

Big Big Loader Tomy Thomas Train Sets

These sets are so much fun to watch. I was working a way to combine not just THomas Big Loader and Thomas Big Big Loader, but also the Mail Delivery Big Loader. I know how to attach it, I just to get the right transition tracks. Will look for some on eBay. The we will make Thomas’ Big Big Big Big Loader and Mail Delivery!

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