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Coaster Dynamix Cyclone Roller Coaster

It’s a haul! And an EPIC haul! What have we been wanting? I good quality brick built roller coaster! That’s what! Thanks to Coaster Dynamix – CDX Blocks -we have a brick or block built Cyclone Roller Coaster to test out and show. In this video we unbox it to look at the contents. The next video will be us showing the completed model and testing it out. Keep in mind that this is not the final product, but a test sample. The final products for those that ordered on the Kick Starter should be shipping around June 2017. This is compatible with leading brands like LEGO and MEGA Bloks. We will test that out as well. Other Coaster Dynamix products we have reviewed over on BrickTsar Toys:



CoasterDynamix Site:

We Need A Good Brick Built Roller Coaster

This MEGA Bloks Dora’s Roller Coaster Adventure – while good for child’s play, is not really what I have in mind for a brick built roller coaster. Looking forward to the new Coaster Dynamix Kickstarter. We will be a early supporter for that – stay tuned for more info!

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