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Rare Tomy Train – your town


Unboxing a rare and brand new condition Tomy Train from the 1990s!. The train was new in the box with unopened bags and new sticker sheet. I need to scan the sticker sheet before applying the stickers. These old dark blue track Tomy Trains are hard to find! The “Yout Town Train Set” is compatible with LEGO building blocks. It has 4 figures with magnetic feet that allow your to use the play features in the station.

Also in this video I show you that I finally found the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Thomas Minis and a favorite book of mine when I was very young (I bought a version of it today at an antique mall). “The Little Red Caboose” was a book a read over and over as a very young child.


In the video we show the new Streamlined Emily (her dream in Start Your Engines) as well as a regular Emily from Fisher Price Thomas Wooden Railway. Use the Steam Push Train to help Emily(s) around the track plus show our other Emily Models. Bachmann HO Scale is still my favorite.

Latest Edition – Devious Diesel Bachmann HO scale Locomotive

We got our latest Bachmann Thomas & Friends locomotive – Diesel. This is item #58802. It seems to be the poorest performing model we have from Bachmann. Still looks cool though. In the video, if you have good eyes, you get a sneak peek at the next edition to our collection!

Duck’s Face Fell Off! New Bachmann locomotive added

This is a first for our HO Scale purchases of Bachmann Thomas & Friends products: Duck’s face was not attached inside the package. We were able to reattach it and the moving eyes work fine now, but not before a couple of funny cross-eyed moments!

The Bahcmann Duck looks great! It was one that many had asked me to get for a while now and after getting it I can understand why so many people like Duck. It is a great model and a neat looking character.

We are getting closer to having the complete Bachmann lineup. Still need Diesel, Donald, Douglas, Oliver,Iron Arry, Iron Bert, Celebration Thomas and Skarloey. Of course, 3 of these have not even been officially released here, but have been announced. We also need to get the rest of the rail cars. Thanks for watching our videos!

Special Delivery From Australia

Australia package

Received special delivery from Australia, but it is not coffee! Love coffee though. This is something else. Will be working on the special video! Stay tuned!

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