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LEGO Emerald Night with Extra Tender and Coaches

The Emerald Night aka The Flying Scotsman as I like to call it. Added another coach and brake coach plus water tender. Plus answering question from Connor

LEGO Moon Landing Sets

In honor of 48th anniversary of first moon landing and walk, July 20, 1969. A look at our Lunar Lander and Apollo Saturn V LEGO collection. We have 5 versions of the Lunar Lander. These are from 5 sets (plus we also show a pitiful Nanoblocks Set):
21309 LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V from 2017
10029 Lunar Lander from 2003
7468 Saturn V Moon Mission from 2003
9335 LEGO Education Space & Airport Set from 2010

We Need A Good Brick Built Roller Coaster

This MEGA Bloks Dora’s Roller Coaster Adventure – while good for child’s play, is not really what I have in mind for a brick built roller coaster. Looking forward to the new Coaster Dynamix Kickstarter. We will be a early supporter for that – stay tuned for more info!

1992 TOMY TRAIN Thomas & Friends

Found a great set from 1992 – Tomy Train Thomas and Friends set. Classic dark blue track era from Tomy. Traction tires don’t work too good after 23 years. But very happy to find this set with the original box and manuals! Going to be doing more with this. Also had some extra accessory packs with original boxes!

Gordon The Big Engine Collection

A look at my Gordon The Big Blue Engine Collection. All the different Gordon locomotives that we have in our train collection. More Thomas & Friends collection videos are coming!

New 2016 LEGO DUPLO Train – 10810 Push Train

My Brick View Video – Favorite LEGO Clone Piece

Submitted this on BrickTsar.

More DUPLO Thomas and Friends

We were still looking for Toby the Tram Engine so I filmed this in the meantime. Since uploading this I did find Toby so now we will be able to do the Complete Thomas & Friends LEGO Collection!


This is one of the harder to find LEGO DUPLO sets. It is set number 3354 Gordon’s Express. Contains only Gordon and 1 Express Coach. I have 2 copies of the set so I could get an extra coach.

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