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Model trains

HO Scale Trains

Having fun with the layout this past week and also organizing my train collection

More Viewer Requests

Doing viewer requests as I can. There have been a ton!

Gordon & Henry Express

I need a bigger layout! Have tons of rolling stock and locomotives in my collection

How I Handle My Collection

So many requests!

More viewer requests!

Oh and we got N Scale troublesome trucks by Bachmann. They will be having more new Thomas & Friends releases

Bachmann N Scale Troublesome Trucks

Converting B-Units to powered

Got a couple of used A-Units from ebay to convert my non-powered B-units to powered. Pretty easy change out. Though I will have to paint a portion of the bottom of the Star Trek version

My Complete Thomas & Friends HO/OO Scale Collection

This is what I have so far that runs on HO scale track for my Thomas & Friends characters made by Hornby and Bachmann. For this video I did not include the Narrow Gauge stuff since I do not yet have a narrow gauge section on my layout – working to change that!

The collection has really grown in the past year and some of the locomotives have suffered from the abuse and rigorous play that we have put them through. Which is your favorite character we have?

Thomas, Lightning Mcqueen, Batman, and The A-Team

James the BIG Red Engine

We just got the James the Red Engine G Scale or Large Scale train set made by Lionel from 1994! It is a really neat set. From the “Shining Time Station” era of Thomas & Friends. Has moving eyes and swappable faces. Despite its age it performed great! This is our second Large Scale train. The first was made by Bachmann:

Will have to get them out together to compare.

LEGO Cargo Railway

This is a review from my BrickTsar LEGO channel. Eventually I will be doing videos of ALL my trains on my TrainTsarFun channel, but I would like them to have a different format – perhaps more about play and silliness. This is a very strange train set. It is called Cargo Railway, but it has passengers and cargo on the same rail cars. Very odd, but then it is designed for kids and not adult collectors.

Speed Activated Sound Thomas the Tank Engine by Bachmann

We picked up the newest Thomas the Tank Engine locomotive – the speed-activated sound Thomas. This video has our first test with it. I need to try it with the Bachmann transformer, as I feel it is missing a sound. I think it should have the steam exhaust sound when it comes to a stop (but maybe I am reading to much into the description).

It is almost identical in appearance to the previous version but it has a black from (fake) coupler (thanks to TrainBoy7 for noticing!)

It is currently available on Amazon for about $68 in the use. There is a link on the video. Thanks!

Big Big Loader Tomy Thomas Train Sets

These sets are so much fun to watch. I was working a way to combine not just THomas Big Loader and Thomas Big Big Loader, but also the Mail Delivery Big Loader. I know how to attach it, I just to get the right transition tracks. Will look for some on eBay. The we will make Thomas’ Big Big Big Big Loader and Mail Delivery!

Too Much Percy

So this is my most popular video to date. Percy is my favorite Thomas & Friends Character and we have more. Plus more on the way after winning the Leokimvideo Percy Giveaway:

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