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‘One of the all time fan favorites. Sadly, LEGO only made 3 monorail sets (plus 2 track packs). Fans have long wanted to be able to add more monorail trains. These are hard to come by, well – expensive to come by, nowadays. This one is one of our favorites. We should have bought more when they were in the stores. Actually, it was a bit expensive for the time, which is perhaps why it was not a good seller back then.


LEGO 6990 Monorail Transport System

This is one of the 3 monorail sets that LEGO made. I made the video when DK Publishing requested original pictures of it. I got a better set up for taking pictures now so we might have to play with these again


LEGO Monorail – still popular though underproduced

I have all the monorail sets made not counting the accessories like extra bogies. There were 3 sets – Futuron Monorail, Unitron Monorail, and Airport Monorail plus 2 add on track packs. This stuff is still in high demand by AFOLs and we wish they would make it again – though it does make those of us that have it have a very valuable collection! It was underproduced but perhaps it didn’t sell well back in the day.

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