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Terrence the Tractor

We added Terence the Tractor to our layout. It is an HO Scale Bachmann accessory that we got at Hobby Town USA. One of the few times I found something actually cheaper there than online. Terence tries to help the Hornby Percy since all the other characters are off to the Great Race. This is my first attempt at voicing characters too.

We have been busy – Loving this Bachmann EZ track – 4 way crossing

Been wanting to do this for a while. Love this crossing with the double mainlines intersecting. Perfect for accidents! Lol.

Track Master Harold’s High Flying Rescue – Percy the Small Engine

Got a new Track Master set. More fun with Thomas & Friends! This set comes with motorized Percy and a Harold the Helicopter static model that attaches to a track section that moves from one track location to another. A great source of accidents!

Mega Bloks Percy

Comparing the Mega Bloks Percy the Small Engine to the LEGO Duplo version. The LEGO version is much larger and stockier. I still prefer LEGO over Mg=ega Bloks any day. Will be reviewing all the Thomas & Friends DUPLO sets on Train Tsar Fun soon.

Percy Wooden Toy Train Collection

Showing all of our collection of wooden train Percy the Small Engine. Most came from Leokimvideo. Love the sound effects as well as the motorized unit. The motorized Percy does not perform well on the tight curves. But this stuff is a lot of fun. I can see why kids would like it!

Too Much Percy

So this is my most popular video to date. Percy is my favorite Thomas & Friends Character and we have more. Plus more on the way after winning the Leokimvideo Percy Giveaway:

Percy the Small Engine Lionel Train set

Percy had become my favorite Thomas & Friends character. This was my 1st video with the Lionel version. More videos to come.

Interestingly, some of the funniest mishaps (unplanned) have come from Percy in my collection. He won the train battle from the Trackmaster trains. He made a daring track change on my HO layout. Sadly, he has a defective coupler on my Lionel version, but that makes for some funny moments too since he leaves the trucks behind! I use tape to prevent that.

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