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Fidget Spinner – the Fad of 2017

So it appears that the fidget spinner is the new fad. When we were in Pennsylvania in April at the Nicholas Train shop, my son wanted a fidget spinner they had for sale there. I was like “what is this?” Next thing I know everybody is doing videos on fidget spinners. Another trendy toy or item like the slap bracelet, rubik’s cube. Will the trend last?

A Fidget Spinner and Mr. Spock on a train – with Thomas the Tank Engine. The fidget spinner was borrowed from TheyMightBeBricks. The trains are Bachmann trains – the Star Trek train and Thomas. The Flat cars are from Chuggington. The train layout is HO Scale and 4×8 feet wide. The trains are controlled with block controlled wiring – the sections of track are individually borrowed and controlled by switches.

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Star Trek Exclusives

On my BrickTsar Toys channel we have featured the SDCC 2016 Exclusive Star Trek the Original Crew Red,, Blue, and Yellow Enterprise polybags. And I think nobody has noticed my SDCC giveaway

Thomas Minis 2016 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Star Trek, Star Wars, or Thomas

We got another Bradford Exchange item – Star Trek 5oth anniversary locomotive. Yes, I know I should not be buying from Bradford Exchange, But we love Star Trek. We race it against the Star Wars locomotive and Thomas & Percy.

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