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Tank Cars

New Brake Van & Coal Wagon

I will be honest. When I start to do a video like this I usually have no idea what direction I will take. The only thing I knew was that I was going to show the Brake Van and Coal Wagon that we got from Amazon. In setting things up I needed a couple of locomotives – Thomas was an easy choice and since the Hornby Percy was already there we used it. Then I thought to get Stepney. (All the other locomotives are still waiting for the start of The Great Race).

Ended up using the tank cars since they were already on the track. I think somebody on YouTube thought I was calling Thomas “Thomas the Tank Train” before but I didn’t – he was pulling a tank train. Anyway, this is what we ended up with. Maybe one day I will use a script.

Hornby Tank Cars Added!

Getting some more Hornby models. It is very difficult for me to find these at a reasonable price here in the USA. Actually found these on Amazon. Hoping to get some more passenger coaches, but so far the best prices I can find are close to $35 per car. Overseas shipping is the main problem. But nice to get some variety from Hornby to go with the Bachmann HO scale freight & passenger cars we have.

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