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Thomas Minis

Thomas Minis 2017 Wave 3

James Launcher – Thomas Minis

This James the Red Engine Mini that comes with his launcher is a really neat looking one! Love the flame orange translucent color. The minis launchers are very fun to play with. I am always sad that these videos consistently prove to be among my least viewed and worst performers (only exception is the real train videos).  The toy is fun to play with and I think must be overlooked by many. Hope these videos catch on one day.


Diesel 10 Collection

We finally have done our Diesel 10 Collection from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. With Thomas Minis, WindUp, Trackmaster, Tomy, Thomas Wooden Railway, and more.


Today we are featuring the #2 Locomotive – Edward the Blue Engine. We show all the different versions we have including Thomas Minis, Thomas Wooden Railway, HO Scale Bachmann, Fisher Price Trackmaster, Plarail, and more. What wlse do we need to look for in this collection?

Power Trains Batman Gotham City Set

Set is garbage but we tried to make lemonade out of this limit. Cheap thin cardboard buildings that are a pain to assemble and the train is junk. It would not stand up to extended play.


Got the brand new exclusive from San Diego Comic Con – Super Friends Minis with Diesel as Batman and Thomas as Superman. Tilt the box from side to side and the minis change from their alter egos to the other. Clark Kent to Superman, and Bruce Wayne to Batman. The minis on the left show them in change mode. Love the prints on these especially the Superman. A little hard to see in the box though.

2015 DC Super Friends Thomas MinisDC

It is a year late but we finally got the DC Super Friends Thomas & Friends Minis Fisher Price exclusive set from San Diego Comic Con. Diesel as Batman, Thomas as Superman, Mille as Harley Quinn, Diesel 10 as The Joker, and Spencer as Cyborg. Comes in a light up case with a nice box with comic art.

More Minis on the Way!

THOMAS MINIS #19 to 37


We are still looking for the rest of the DC Super Friends minis. Nobody in our area has anything beyond #1-60 plus the expansion or multi packs. We will keep looking

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