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Thomas WOoden Railway

Thomas Wooden Railway Knapford Station

2022 Knapford Station

Purchased on Amazon when it was $65. Over all it is a well built set. I am a little disappointed with Annie & Clarabel. Play features added to the set which I understand is good for playing – (that’s what play features are for) but I do not like the look of the cargo car or Annie & Clarabel – especially when I think how nice all the other characters are in this series. Affiliate link ($63 at time of filming):

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway 2022

Is the new wooden railway series worth the price?


Figure 8 Track Pack:

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway 2022

The new Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway for 2022 items we have so far:

Gordon and Diesel

Thomas Wooden Railway Collection March 2017

Here is our update of all the Thomas Wooden Railway Characters we have plus the other wooden railway items.

Talking Spencer Added

We added 2 talking Spencer locomotives – Take N Play and Thomas Wooden Railway. Also found some minis in my collection that we overlooked.Affiliate links:

Talking Take N Play on Amazon:
Talking Wooden Railway on Amazon:


Train Tsar Fun In Thomas Wooden Railway

From Fisher Price. One of our favorite things to get – custom locomotives: Train Tsar, Brick Tsar, and Mighty Bricks. Based on TrainTsarFun, BrickTsar, and TheyMightBeBricks on YouTube:

Brendam Shipping Co Set Thomas Wooden Railway

This is a really big set. We got it for $65 at Fisher Price website which is a great price for a set of this size. Lots of play features and parts.

Wooden Thomas Trains

I am starting to see why people like the Wooden Railway series. They actually have a lot of playability. Lots of possibilities. Very expensive but I have managed to find some great clearance deals at Toys R Us so I have quite a few videos coming with the wooden trains.

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