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James vs Thomas

Now that we have 20 Thomas & Friends HO Scale model train locomotives – we can do all sorts of races! In this video we race James the Red Engine with the Red Coaches vs Thomas the Tank Engine with Annie & Claribel. We the race starts – James is in the lead but as the laps go on Thomas makes a move. Ends in a crash of course. While I do not to try to avoid crashing my trains so the don’t break, it is hard to not to do it sometimes.

Who would you like to see race? Leave a comment on the video and I will see who we can race in upcoming videos. We are thinking of adding more LEGO creations around the race track to liven things up. Thanks for watching! And if you read this – please leave a comment here.

Brand New Bachmann Red Brake Coach has arrived!

Today we received the beautiful new Bachmann Thomas & Friends Red Brake Coach. A lovely passenger car in the style of Annie & Claribel. Looks great running on the layout!

Thomas vs Jurassic World Dinosaurs

Having fun with the Take n Play Thomas & Friends Roaring Dino Run play set. Thomas rolls down from an avalanche and has to face T-Rex, Indominus Rex, Velociraptors, and more on the way to deliver the fossils. For a little tank engine he performed quite well

Percy Wooden Toy Train Collection

Showing all of our collection of wooden train Percy the Small Engine. Most came from Leokimvideo. Love the sound effects as well as the motorized unit. The motorized Percy does not perform well on the tight curves. But this stuff is a lot of fun. I can see why kids would like it!

Thomas & Friends Deluxe Bachmann S

The Thomas & Friends collection has become my most popular videos on my Train Tsar Fun channel. I have been searching for the best deals on the Bachmann HO Scale items. Actually found this set with Harold and Sir Tophamm Hatt on clearance at Hobby Lobby so I got it even though I had the smaller version of this set already. I didn’t have the best location for filming at the time of this video. Things have gotten better around here. So look for more Thomas & Friends HO Scale videos with reviews and play – and accidents!

Amazon is a good source for Thomas & Friends:

Bachmann Trains Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set

LEGO Monorail – still popular though underproduced

I have all the monorail sets made not counting the accessories like extra bogies. There were 3 sets – Futuron Monorail, Unitron Monorail, and Airport Monorail plus 2 add on track packs. This stuff is still in high demand by AFOLs and we wish they would make it again – though it does make those of us that have it have a very valuable collection! It was underproduced but perhaps it didn’t sell well back in the day.

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