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Train Set

1992 TOMY TRAIN Thomas & Friends

Found a great set from 1992 – Tomy Train Thomas and Friends set. Classic dark blue track era from Tomy. Traction tires don’t work too good after 23 years. But very happy to find this set with the original box and manuals! Going to be doing more with this. Also had some extra accessory packs with original boxes!

Gordon The Big Engine Collection

A look at my Gordon The Big Blue Engine Collection. All the different Gordon locomotives that we have in our train collection. More Thomas & Friends collection videos are coming!

Thomas Wooden Railway Tidmouth Timber Co

The wooden railway collection grows. More on the way…

Thomas, Lightning Mcqueen, Batman, and The A-Team

Bachmann Pacific Flyer and Giveaway Winner


Hiro – Motorized Thomas Wooden Railway

I am starting to see why people love the wooden railway series for Thomas & Friends. While the motorized versions are VERY slow, the whole system is still easy to use and fun. Great for kids of all ages. Biggest drawback is the expense. The motorized units are around $35. But with careful searching on Amazon, eBay, and waiting for sales at Toys R Us, deals can be found.

Thomas Wooden Railway on Amazon.

Trains Are Fun at TrainTsarFun

New channel trailer for my YouTube channel. I have big goals for this channel. Thanks for subscribing!



Thanks to Wumbo Watson on YouTube for the name of my Track Master Thomas & Friends battle series: Master of the Tracks. Going to try to do one every week and take viewer requests.

Gordon’s Express Coaches

Gordon finally gets his Express Coaches. Apparently everybody was waiting on this as this is by far my most successful first day video ever.


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