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Incredible PENNLUG LEGO Steam Trains

Trains Are Fun at TrainTsarFun

New channel trailer for my YouTube channel. I have big goals for this channel. Thanks for subscribing!


G Scale Thomas the Tank Engine Lionel Train Set

This is our 3 Thomas & Friends G Scale set. All 3 are different track. This is the newer Lionel G Scale Track. We also have James with the older style track and Percy with Bachmann track. The couplers can be changed from Knuckle couplers to European style couplers. Would like to set up track outside with these eventually!

Flying Scotsman – Plus Hornby Models Don’t Work Well on Atlas Track

Picked up this very nice Flying Sctosman Train set on eBay. Everything looks nice and operates well with one exception – the Hornby passenger cars do not work on Atlas track at the switch machine frogs. I do not think they were designed for that. The wheel flanges are apparently deeper than on other models. It looks so nice though. I will see if a can find away to fix it without having to switch to Hornby track.

Great Race Round 2 is Over – On to the Round 3

We have finished round 2. Getting ready for Round 3 – 8 locomotives left – Douglas, Duck, Bill, Ben, Henry, Thomas, Percy, & Gordon.

The next round should be closer races. We will try to include trackside interviews and color commentary. Maybe some trash talk? We will see

James vs Thomas

Now that we have 20 Thomas & Friends HO Scale model train locomotives – we can do all sorts of races! In this video we race James the Red Engine with the Red Coaches vs Thomas the Tank Engine with Annie & Claribel. We the race starts – James is in the lead but as the laps go on Thomas makes a move. Ends in a crash of course. While I do not to try to avoid crashing my trains so the don’t break, it is hard to not to do it sometimes.

Who would you like to see race? Leave a comment on the video and I will see who we can race in upcoming videos. We are thinking of adding more LEGO creations around the race track to liven things up. Thanks for watching! And if you read this – please leave a comment here.

Twins are hard to tell apart

Got Iron ‘Arry today and I did not realize how similar the Bachmann versions of ‘Arry and Bert were going to look. The Lionel versions are easier to tell apart. I actually lost track of which one was which and I had to watch a previous video to find out. The Iron Bert has some “battle damage” so I can spot him now.

Intro for AFOL Man train crash video

I am working on a playlist for my friend AFOL Man. He has a couple of train crash videos. I am adding intros as part of a leanback. Still working on it. This is a sneak peak.

World’s Strongest Locomotive

Had a contest between the 3 largest of the Thomas & Friends locomotives on my railroad: Spencer, Gordon, and Henry. Each had to pull all of the Sodor freight and passenger cars around the entire layout in the best time. Watch to see who wins.

These world strongest engine contests do take their tolls on the locomotives. We are working on another speed competition that will take place on a test track instead of the Sodor layout. Stay tuned!

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