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Real trains. Model trains. Toy trains.



Chuggington vs Batman

Chuggington’s Brewster vs Batman Batmobile and Pengiun’s van. Slot cars vs trains. HO Scale train crash fun!

YouTube is Broken


Yet another video flagged as “inappropriate” by YouTube. Hey YouTube, how about flagging some of the trending garbage you promote instead of a toy unboxing? This is beyond ridiculous.


Tyco Super Turbo Train From 1988

TYCO Super Turbo Train from 1988! One of the most interesting and crazy TYCO train sets – but with age really hard to keep running! Has a jump track, a loop, and goes up walls!. Magnets help hold it to the track, but also slow it down. Track has to be really clean for it to work properly. We scrubbed and scrubbed but we didn’t have the scrubber that use to come with the set. Managed to get the track clean enough to run an engine and car. Here we show you us trying to get it to work. Lots of fails!
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Vintage Super Duper Double Looper Slot Car from TYCO

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