I will be doing more LEGO train videos. My goal is to get all the 12v sets (trains and locomotives – but not accessories). I love this era of trains.

The 12v track has a center rail that has 2 conductors to deliver the DC power to the motor pickups. It was designed so that 4.5v track could be used or upgraded to work with 12v. Of course, you still could not do reversing loops without having a short circuit (unless you modified it yourself).

So stayed tuned to see more updates of my LEGO train layout – the CA & ABS Railroad. I may change the name, but right now I like it. It has a double meaning. 1) CA and ABS are the 2 main plastics that were used by LEGO. 2) The letters represent cities or regions of sons of my favorite YouTubers. It’s the Columbia and Atlanta & Atlanta, Bayou, and Smithton. Those are actually 2 different Atlanta cities!