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LEGO Emerald Night with Extra Tender and Coaches

The Emerald Night aka The Flying Scotsman as I like to call it. Added another coach and brake coach plus water tender. Plus answering question from Connor

New 2016 LEGO DUPLO Train – 10810 Push Train


This is one of the harder to find LEGO DUPLO sets. It is set number 3354 Gordon’s Express. Contains only Gordon and 1 Express Coach. I have 2 copies of the set so I could get an extra coach.

Complete LEGO DUPLO Thomas

Hoping to redo this real soon with more details. And CRASHES!

Epic LEGO Train Crash

My son did this for his channel TheyMightBeBricks:

LEGO Santa Fe Trains Running

Incredible PENNLUG LEGO Steam Trains

PENNLUG LEGO Trains have inspired me!


My son and I are hard at work getting ready for Philly Brick Fest 2017! I may to to rent a trailer to get everything we would like to take there! This layout by PennLUG was amazing and has us wanting to make more LEGO customs!

PENNLUG Awesome Train Layout at PhillyBrickFest 2016

Glad I got to go and participate at Philly Brick Fest 2016! One of the many awesome displays there was the PennLUG LEGO train layout. It has inspired me to do more and be prepared to bring my own creations next time. More footage of this awesome layout coming here on this website and on my Train Tsar Fun YouTube channel as well as BrickTsar.

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