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LEGO DUPLO Toby the Tram Engine

Here is the next of our videos about the DUPLO Thomas & Friends sets. This is Toby and was one of the smaller sets. Did come with 2 straight tracks, but not much to play with by itself. LEGO missed out with this series. Should have provided a motorized unit for the locos and there never was an Annie & Claribel. MEGA Bloks has the license now and I prefer LEGO

LEGO Cargo Railway

This is a review from my BrickTsar LEGO channel. Eventually I will be doing videos of ALL my trains on my TrainTsarFun channel, but I would like them to have a different format – perhaps more about play and silliness. This is a very strange train set. It is called Cargo Railway, but it has passengers and cargo on the same rail cars. Very odd, but then it is designed for kids and not adult collectors.

Mega Bloks Percy

Comparing the Mega Bloks Percy the Small Engine to the LEGO Duplo version. The LEGO version is much larger and stockier. I still prefer LEGO over Mg=ega Bloks any day. Will be reviewing all the Thomas & Friends DUPLO sets on Train Tsar Fun soon.

Bachmann Sound Value Fail and A-Team Train

A-Team train is working fine despite be 30 years old. We will be applying the stickers and combining it with the A-Team Slot Cars.

The Bachmann Sound Value locomotive was missing parts. The store I bought it from (Bargain Hunt) said I could contact the manufacture and they would send the replacement parts or a new item. I didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle. If it had been a road name that I really like I might have done that.

Too Much Percy

So this is my most popular video to date. Percy is my favorite Thomas & Friends Character and we have more. Plus more on the way after winning the Leokimvideo Percy Giveaway:

LEGO Monorail – still popular though underproduced

I have all the monorail sets made not counting the accessories like extra bogies. There were 3 sets – Futuron Monorail, Unitron Monorail, and Airport Monorail plus 2 add on track packs. This stuff is still in high demand by AFOLs and we wish they would make it again – though it does make those of us that have it have a very valuable collection! It was underproduced but perhaps it didn’t sell well back in the day.

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