Hi! Thanks for watching TrainTsarFun on YouTube and for finding this website and blog. I began TrainTsarFun a year ago when I realized I needed a channel to feature train content in addition to LEGO trains. My original channel, jolson37, is getting crowded. That channel will be renamed soon.

So while I knew I would be featuring train content, I wasn’t sure yet where to begin. So my first post was an old video I took at the 2013 NMRA train show of a 100 car freight train (I plan to try this for myself eventually). Thus, my channel had begun. It would not be until recently that I finally got more involved and regular with the content.

So look for more content. My goal is to grow this channel past the level that BrickTsar(my LEGO only channel) is. So we will see if it can be done!